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  • Better income
  • Stronger sense of belonging
  • Greater desire to get involved
  • Respects sanitary measures


  • Ease to give tips
  • Possibility to expense tip on your expense report
  • Take advantage of safe and innovative services


  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Innovative technology respecting new health measures
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Among our customers and partners

“We are delighted with the collaboration we have with Teknotip. The system works really well and is very easy to use, even for less tech people. We’ve seen about a 20% increase in tipping and haven’t calculated for peak season yet, but expect to see over 35% increase in tipping that will flow into your app. Thank you very much for your availability when we have questions. »

Sabryna Jobin, accommodation manager

Hôtel 71 and Auberge Saint-Pierre

“Since the introduction of Teknotip in December 2020, room attendants have noticed that their tips has increased. Although difficult to quantify, I would say that their tipping income has increased, conservatively, by approximately 25%. Of course, cash tipping has remained and will remain, but this new electronic option provides an alternative that our customers appreciate. »

Jean-Sébastien Page, general manager

Hôtel des Coutellier

Easy to use

An innovative tip service that allows money to be sent directly to hotel staff or for a social event by credit card through an app or a Website using a QR code.


Flexible business model without financial risk for the owner (billed according to the generated income )


Take advantage of the simplicity of Teknotip to safely tip with the help of the internationally renowned Stripe platform for your hospitality.

The mission is to enable hoteliers to offer a cutting-edge system that meets new health measures that will result in increased customer satisfaction and, in particular, workforce retention.

In short , Teknotip is:

Complete autonomy for tip management

A proactive and creative team