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Mobile tipping: the future of hotel gratuity

In today’s nearly cashless world, tipping has become frustrating for hotel guests, causing many employees to lose tips. With staff no longer receiving the financial recognition they deserve, hoteliers are left to struggle with retention rates, directly impacting their day-to-day operations. Fortunately, Teknotip is here to the rescue.

This innovative service offers a reliable and secure way for guests to show appreciation while increasing wages. Everyone wins!

A solution powered by LOC International

In 2023, LOC International acquired Teknotip to enhance its range of offerings. As we already have a strong presence in the hotel industry with a variety of innovative products and solutions, it made perfect sense to merge Teknotip’s expertise with our own. Please be assured that our commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and exceptional customer service remains unwavering. Your success is, and will always be, at the heart of our mission.

At Teknotip, we aim to offer a convenient and effective digital tipping solution that increases the satisfaction of hotel guests and staff alike. That’s why our devoted team is committed to delivering a turnkey, personalized service that encompasses everything from programming to on-site implementation, ensuring a smooth and successful turnaround.

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