About us

Where did the idea come from?

The idea came out of the frustration of the entrepreneur who, during his professional career, was called upon to often work on the road and go to the same hotels. In doing so, he would usually get closer to the staff of the establishment visited. As he always received excellent service, he made a point of leaving a tip for the good services rendered. However, cash was rather scarce for him knowing that he preferred to pay by credit card like most people today. From there was born the story of Teknotip


Since the COVID-19 outbreak, cash transactions have been increasingly limited and seem to diminish in popularity. We have been cautioned to avoid cash transactions and use alternative payment methods to limit the propagation of the virus.

Enfin, si on ajoute à la pénurie de main-d’œuvre dans le secteur de l’hospitalité et la diminution des pourboires depuis la dernière décennie, l’idée de Teknotip devait faire son apparition afin d’aider ce secteur qui, très honnêtement, a été un des plus affectés par tous ses changements des dernières années.